Converting Exchange 2007 Mailbox

You can convert mailbox from one type to other type in two ways

1. Throught Powershell command

     Set-Mailbox <mailboxname> – Type <type>

     Type can be Regular, Room, Equipment, Shared

2.  Second option is throught Editing Value of msExchRecipientTypeDetails  from ADSIEDIT.

      Access user properties throught ADSIEDIT and find the attribute msExchRecipientTypeDetails change values. Values for Different mailboxes is given below

     User Mailbox : 1
     Linked Mailbox : 2
     Shared Mailbox :4
     Legacy Mailbox :8
     Room Mailbox   : 16
     Equipment Mailbox :13

One thought on “Converting Exchange 2007 Mailbox

  1. The entire list of Recipients type are as below:

    Object Type RecipientTypeDetails (Decimal Value) Value Name
    User Mailbox 1 UserMailbox
    Linked Mailbox 2 LinkedMailbox
    Shared Mailbox 4 SharedMailbox
    Legacy Mailbox 8 LegacyMailbox
    Room Mailbox 16 RoomMailbox
    Equipment Mailbox 32 EquipmentMailbox
    Mail Contact 64 MailContact
    Mail-enabled User 128 MailUser
    Mail-enabled Universal Distribution Group 256 MailUniversalDistributionGroup
    Mail-enabled non-Universal Distribution Group 512 MailNonUniversalGroup

    Mail-enabled Universal Security Group 1024 MailUniversalSecurityGroup
    Dynamic Distribution Group 2048 DynamicDistributionGroup
    Mail-enabled Public Folder 4096 PublicFolder
    System Attendant Mailbox 8192 SystemAttendantMailbox
    Mailbox Database Mailbox 16384 SystemMailbox
    Across-Forest Mail Contact 32768 MailForestContact
    User 65536 User
    Contact 131072 Contact
    Universal Distribution Group 262144 UniversalDistributionGroup
    Universal Security Group 524288 UniversalSecurityGroup
    Non-Universal Group 1048576 NonUniversalGroup
    Disabled User 2097152 DisabledUser
    Microsoft Exchange 4194304 MicrosoftExchange

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