Preventing Internal mails from application reaching Junk E-mail folder

Some times there can be chances that internal mail from the application reaches Junk Email folder and some reaches Inbox. Some time it annoys you because some reaches inbox and other to Junk Email folder.

Every mail will be checked for the SPAM CONFIDENTIAL LEVEL (SCL). If SCL is more than 5 then mail will directly reach Junk email folder.

We can modify the SCL of the mails with the help of transport rules

1. Create the Email account(address) with the required email address for the application
2. Open Exchange Management console
3. Expand Organization Configuration
4. Select Hub Transport
5. On the right side Click on New-Transport rule
6. Input the Name -> click Next
7. Check “From People” -> Bottom click on people and browse the from address
8. Click Next -> Check “Set the spam confidence level to value” and set the value to “-1”

9.      Click next to and new to create the new one

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