6 thoughts on “Powershell to create contacts in Exchange 2007 from the given CSV

  1. Hello Rickb,

    Thanks for the post

    you need to have CSV in the below mentioned format in the contacts.csv

    Display name,EmailAddress,Alias

    Krishna kumar,krishna.k@domain.com,Krishna.k

    Below code will read csv file one by one and create the contact in the OU users.

    $csv = Import-Csv “C:\Contacts.csv”
    foreach($line in $csv)
    New-MailContact -Name $line.DisplayName -ExternalEmailAddress $line.EmailAddress -OrganizationalUnit “users” -Alias $line.Alias

  2. hi here the deal
    i want to create a contact in a specifict place i have live 100 contcts to create and i got an excel sheet with first name, surname emial address and the country
    how can i acheive this in exchange 2007 ?

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