Powershell to get list of users who’s Dial in option is enabled in Active Directory

Powershell to get the list of users who has Dial in option is enabled in Active directory.  This has to be executed in Quest Active Roles management console. This will query all the active directory users and get the details if the user object has Dialin option is enabled

Get-QADUser -IncludeAllProperties | ?{$_.msNPAllowDialin -eq $true} |Select Displayname,mailnickname

Below powershell helps you to enable export dial in enabled users to CSV format file

Get-QADUser -IncludeAllProperties | ?{$_.msNPAllowDialin -eq $true} |Select Displayname,mailnickname | Export-Csv C:\Dialinusers.csv

Powershell to pull Application Event logs with Event Id 1221

Application Event ID 1221 gives the details of the white space on the Exchange Database.  With the amount of white space we can determine if we wanted to do a defrag on the store or not. Below powershell helps you to pull all the application events with id 1221 from last 2 days

$2DaysAgo = [DateTime]::Now.AddDays(-2)
$Events = Get-Eventlog Application | Where {($2DaysAgo -le $_.TimeWritten)} | ?{$_.eventid -eq “1221”}

Powershell to get the Home Directory Path

If we wanted to find Home Directory Path of the users in the Orginization then below commands helps you to pull the data

Get-QADUser | select DisplayName,Email,HomeDirectory | Export-Csv c:\HomeDirectory.csv

Command to get the Home Directory for the given list of users and export the result to CSV

get-content C:\users.txt | select DisplayName,Email,HomeDirectory | Export-Csv c:\HomeDirectory.csv



Powershell to Manager ManagedFolderpolicy on user accounts

Powershell to manage Managedfolderpolicy on user accounts

Below powershell to apply -Managedfolderpolicy new user mailbox at the time of new mailbox creation

New-Mailbox -Name $DName -Database $Database -UserPrincipalName $PrincipalName -FirstName $FName -LastName $LName -Alias $Aliasname -Password $passwd -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon $true -SamAccountName $Aliasname -ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy $MPolicy

Below  powershell to apply folderpolicy to set to all the mailbox in the orginization

$Folderpolicy = “Policyname”
get-mailbox -ResultSize unlimited |Set-Mailbox -Identity -ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy $Folderpolicy

Powershell to remove folderpolicy to specific users in the DL

Get-DistributionGroupMember $group | Set-Mailbox -Identity -ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy $null

Powershell to get the number of mails in the Inbox and number of unread emails in Inbox

Powershell using Outlook.Application to pull out the mailbox details

$outlook = new-object -com Outlook.Application
$session = $outlook.Session
$inbox = $outlook.session.GetDefaultFolder(6)
$unreadCount = (%{$inbox.Items | where {$_.UnRead}}).Count
Write-Host $unreadCount
$ItemCount = (%{$inbox.Items }).Count
Write-Host $ItemCount