New Features of Exchange 2010


When you Talk about Exchange 2010 we feel Fresh, Yes it has really new fresh Interesting features which you will definitely like to explore. Below has some brief details on new features on Exchange 2010 with new Logo

1. Database Availability Groups :  In short its known as DAG it simple concept which uses windows failover clustering services and new component called Active Manager. This uses Continues replication to keep multiple copies of the database. Each Database copy can be on up to Maximum of 16 servers.  On Failure Exchange 2010 prompts on one of the database to active and once it is active it will service the mailbox in the database

2. Client Access Server New Role : Outlook Clients connects to Mailbox server directory for accessing emails. When There is a mailbox moves and failover then user outlook will be disconnected and connected back. To provide seem less access of email for users now outlook will connect to CAS servers which will be betwen Exchange mailbox Server and outlook 

3. Outlook live Earlier Outlook Web Access: In Earlier verion of Exchange when you access OWA in legacy browsers like Firefox, safari etc it goes into OWA Light mode. Light Mode provides you limited look and feel with limited option. Outlook live provide you the full functionality when accessed throught Legacy browsers

4. Database Changes :  No More Storage Groups, Database page file reduced from 8 KB to 32 KB which will drastically reduce the IOPS may be upto 70%. SIS has also need removed because of this.

5. Powershell: Powershell V2 provide Hundreds of new cmdlets. V2 allows connects to the remote machine shell and manage it. No need to login locall to manage.

6. Role Based Access Control(RBAC): This allows you to give more granular permion to the required users and groups. With this users will be able to see only the required options which they are given throught permission. This applied to Exchange Management also. This provide only limited cmdlets which user has the permission to execute

7. Exchange Control Panel: This allows Adminsitrators to managed Exchange throught browser. Still Exchange Managment Shell and Console is available

8. Archiving: New Welcoming features is Mailbox Archiving. This helps to avoid PST if users wants to archive older emails..

9. Others:
No upgrade option, only fresh installation.
No more LCR, SCR, CCR
Send email to user from Exchange Management console
Certificates options on Exchagne management console no need to use powershell
New Federation Trust Options to share free busy information betwen Exchange orginization

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