Exchange Database – Dirty Shutdown

As Exchange Administrator it would be bad day if you have exchagne database in Dirty Shutdown State and you dont have required log files to perform soft recovery. Below link has a steps on how to perform soft recovery if you have al the require log file.

If you dont have the required log files then you have to follow below steps to recover the database

1. Run ESEUTIL /P database_filename.edb (from the BIN folder and repair the edb files)
2. Delete the log and chk files.
3. Run eseutil /d database_filename.edb (Defrag the Database)
4. Run isinteg (isinteg -s servername -fix -test alltests) from the bin folder.
5. Mount the stores

Eseutil and Isinteg would be really long time , depending on the size of the database. Microsoft always recommends to keep the database size less then 100 GB. If you are using CCR environment then it can grow more then 100 GB as you will be multipe copies of the log files for recovery purpose

4 thoughts on “Exchange Database – Dirty Shutdown

  1. Hi

    Just wanted to make some changes. Can you share the Soft recovery and Hard Recovery steps in case there are log files available.
    Also if the heading is for no log available while providing the details you should share the complete information (Like free space required to run the commands, back-up of the database before running the ‘eseutil /p’, in case there are some errors in the Isinteg command how many times should it be run?, Also if there is some free space on some other server how can the command be re-directed)

    Thanks and Regards,

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