PowerShell to Configure not to prompt open file security Warning

Exchange 2010 Automation Tip 2

PowerShell is automation when I ever I say this I feel that I have the Power in me and that’s automation power… Whenever you try double clicking on exe you will prompted for the open file security warning. This does happen when you try to do the same using PowerShell cmdlets. When you trying to automate this on 100 are of server then you need to find some solution. Here is one from me. You need to add the required files into the registry as low risk files. Same can be configured using local Group policy. When configure the GPO, it also edit the values into the registry J . Below PowerShell can use us to add and remove the low risk registry files    

$Lowriskregpath ="HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Policies\Associations"
$Lowriskregfile = "LowRiskFileTypes"
$LowRiskFileTypes = ".exe,.msp"
Function Addlowriskfiles()
    New-Item -Path $Lowriskregpath -erroraction silentlycontinue |out-null
    New-ItemProperty $Lowriskregpath -name $Lowriskregfile -value $LowRiskFileTypes -propertyType String -erroraction silentlycontinue |out-null
Function removelowriskfiles()
    remove-itemproperty -path $Lowriskregpath -name $Lowriskregfile -erroraction silentlycontinue

Low risk files you are very important…!!!

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