Exchange Profile Analyzer for Exchange 2003 and 2007, what is there for Exchange 2010 ?

EPA is great tool to understand the current users profile and it’s fairly simple to run this tool and generate the result.

This tool cannot be used for Exchange 2010 as it uses WebDev to pull the data and Exchange 2010 does not support WebDev

Here is the PowerShell script from Rob Campbell which can get the similar stats from exchange 2010 servers as well. This will scan through all the transport servers’ logs from the previous day, and generate stats for each user, by primary smtp address, for

Total Messages and Bytes Sent
Unique Messages and Bytes Sent
Total Messages and Bytes Received
for both Internal and External emails.

Exchange 2010 Load balancer Preferred persistence Method

In Exchange 2010 load balancer are used to load balance Client Access traffic. Client Access server play a major role now and all types of clients connect to it. It is important to configure load balancer with correct preferred persistence method for different user traffic. So I thought we should have some quick reference guide so we can refer any time. I got this form one of the MS tech.ed presentations