Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Sizing, Designing and Configuration – A Practical Look

A Practical look

Sizing, designing, and configuration are an integral and one of the most critical parts of any Exchange deployment. Also, this step involves consideration of a lot of factors that would affect the performance and functioning of the messaging infrastructure. The main idea behind writing this book was to put all the related information in one place in a step wise and easy to understand manner.

There are many articles regarding sizing and designing of Exchange messaging infrastructure including information on how to use the brilliant tools (like ‘Exchange Role Requirement Calculator, Processor Query tool, etc.) provided by Microsoft Exchange team. However, this information was scattered. Also, there was no clarity about where to start, what information to look for and what other components/factors are involved and how to incorporate all that information in the designing and sizing process.

I would also like to point that though the primary target audiences of this book are people who work on sizing, designing, and implementation of Exchange messaging infrastructure or people who are eager to learn the same; this book would prove to be equally useful to anyone who wants to understand an Exchange solution from end to end.

You can get the copy of the book using any of the below links

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